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Welcome to Military Passport .com We provide information for American service men, women, and there relatives obtain a fast passport. Military Passport is here to assist all military personal either active duty, veterans, friends or family obtain an American U.S. Passport (tourist passport) at a discount or free when possible.

If you are non military related and need a passport visit ALL Passport Expediting Service

If you have a passport question visit the US Passport Forum.

Order Rush Passport Service.

New Passport : Adults Ages 16+

Passport Renewal : Adults Ages 16+

Child Passport : Ages Under 16

Lost Passport : Replace a lost or stolen passport

Add Pages : add more country or visa stamps

International Driving License : allows you to drive in over 150 countries.

Free standard passport service for active military and family members.

We get tourist passports for international travel, which is the blue passport book.

The No Fee Government Issued Passport is for any American who is on orders to a foreign country. If you are active duty you must contact your local Installation Travel Office to get your no fee service passport.

It is good to have your No – Fee passport and your U.S. tourist passport because you can only use the No-Fee passport if you are flying on government orders. If you are traveling as a tourist you cannot use it and must use your standard American Passport.

The No Fee Government Issued Passport is either red or blue. The blue passport book has a statement imprinted into the back page stating that they are there under US Government orders.